FNAF Security Breach

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Are you a Five Nights At Freddy's enthusiast? If you are a fan, our website will bring you good news. The 9th version of this game series, called FNAF Security Breach was officially released on December 16, 2021. This is good news for all FNAF fans as well as online game enthusiasts because this series of games is really attractive. Besides, this survival game will challenge players through scary nights at Freddy's Pizzeria and other areas. Therefore, it becomes more addictive.

Initially, this version of FNAF was scheduled to be released in 2020. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this version was moved from the release date.

You can see the cover art of FNAF Security Breach below.


On this cover, you can see Glamrock Freddy, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, and Glamrock Chica. Besides, there is the appearance of Gregory and Vanessa. So, what is the story of this 9th edition? Let's explore and discover with our website!

Events in FNAF 9

Glamrock Freddy, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, and Glamrock Chica are preparing for a musical performance. However, an incident occurs. Freddy collapses right before the show.

When Freddy wakes up, he's in Safe Mode. However, now, Freddy has the voice of Gregory. What happens? The truth is that Gregory is inside Freddy and tries to escape from the mall. Freddy helps Gregory to get his first security card in Superstar Daycare. Next, they need to avoid Vanny, who is chasing them and shows up at 1 AM. However, Freddy can not see Vanny. Freddy says that there was a rabbit there and it's not there anymore.

Unfortunately, Gregory is captured by Vannessa and locked in the lost inventory before Vanny shows up. With his cleverness, Gregory uses a screwdriver to break and hide through the vent. Gregory finds Freddy and takes him to Parts and Services for repairs. However, Freddy is caught by Moon, a Daycare attendant. Then, Gregory has to go to Parts and Services alone.

Along the way, Gregory must avoid the skeletons and surprisingly meet Vanessa talking to Freddy. She threatens Freddy and asks Freddy to stop helping Gregory. She then continues looking for Gregory and leaves Freddy alone.

The events in FNAF 9 play out in this order. Depending on the choice of each player, the game will continue with different endings. You will have to defeat the animatronics to win before 6 AM. Your opponent is DJ Music Man and 2 other members of Freddy's band. Thanks to the parts of the two bandmates, Gregory was able to repair Freddy.

Finally, you can choose to continue fighting the band members after 6 AM or get a different ending. It all depends on you.

The Main Characters in FNAF Security Breach

  • Gregory - A boy is locked in a pizza complex with many dangerous animatronics. Gregory is not an animatronic.
  • Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf - Band members. One of the dangerous animatronics that Gregory must face.
  • Moon (Daycare Attendant) -  Parts and Services employee who took Freddy from Gregory.
  • Glamrock Endoskeletons, the Wind-Up Music Men, and DJ Music Man - Gregory's other opponents.
  • Vanessa - The security guard who always hunts for Gregory.
  • Vanny - A corrupt and murderous woman in a rabbit suit.
  • T.A.F.F. robots - The one who provides a map of Gregory's location.

The Difference between FNFN 9 and Other Versions

About Plot Of FNAF Security Breach

In the FNAF Security Breach game, Freddy is a good character who helps Gregory escape from the complex. Freddy has an empty space in his abdomen. As a result, Gregory can get in there and hide. Except for Moon and Vanny, Gregory can hide from most of the animatronics thanks to this way.

About Gameplay

Freddy's Role

Freddy is not only Gregory's hiding place but also the one who gives Gregory advice and warnings. You can get more information about the challenges and enemies before you face them.

However, Freddy has limited energy resources. In order to get more power, you need to take Freddy to the charging station to charge the battery. If you don't charge Freddy, Gregory will die in Freddy's belly.

Note that Freddy can upgrade battery life during gameplay. In addition, Freddy can also gain the ability to unlock keys by voice, stun robots, and find items.

Gregory's Role

Gregory is the main character in the FNAF Security Breach game. Gregory needs your help to escape and avoid attack from enemies.

Besides Freddy, Gregory can avoid opponents by hiding beside surrounding objects and distract enemies by hurling objects. While moving, you should also pay attention to Gregory's energy. Gregory cannot run fast with low energy.

Equipment for the Protagonist of FNAF 9

Besides, the game will also provide Gregory with some items and weapons.

  • A flashlight is used to illuminate dark areas.
  • A Faz-Watch is worn on Gregory's wrist to access his missions, camera system, and location in the mall. Gregory was also able to communicate with Freddy through this device.
  • A Faz Camera can stun enemies. This device requires a long wait time between shots and a long charging time.
  • A Fazerblaster can also stun your enemies. However, this device is faster than Faz Camera. You can shoot 6 shots before you run out of ammo. The downside of Fazerblaster is that it can only shoot 1 enemy and has only 1 hit to the head.

Mini Games

This survival game will also give you different minigames. In it, there are 3 outstanding minigames, including Princess Quest 1-3, Balloon World, and Monty Golf AR-Cade. Each minigame gives you different experiences. Can you conquer them?

More Information For You

  • Developer: Steel Wool Studios.
  • Publisher: ScottGames.
  • Series: Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Release: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

This game is a horror survival game for single players. You can access this entertaining game to test your bravery and show your abilities. Through this experience, you can entertain after a hard-working day. Note that this game is for players of 12+ because this game has horror elements and it is not suitable for kids under 12 ages.