911: Cannibal

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The event in 911: Cannibal

If you are kidnapped, you can confidently find a safe way out. Test your skills to try to find clues and escape the house of the killer with 911: Cannibal.

In 911: Cannibal, you're giddy. It's already dark and you still don't want to go home. That is why you are here now. You have been captured by an ugly murder boss Maniac. He is a pervert and has murdered many other people at his house. Are you the next victim?

Escape from the killer

Fortunately, you were captured by Maniac in the dark, so this is also the time when that guy is tired and has not dealt with you. Calmly, based on the series and horror movies you already know, get up and go around the house right away. The house of this murderer is isolated, there is no one around, so you can only rely on your own strength. There are many rooms haunted by stench and oldness. You should go quietly, make no noise and observe each room one by one. From the living room to the basement, they go all the way to find the puzzle pieces that can escape.

Character control

Go to every nook and cranny of the room with the ASDW keys. Pay attention to small items as they could be a clue. Unfortunately to meet the killer, don't panic, lower your head, and find a hiding place with the C key. Then choose the opportunity to press 1-5 to use weapons and items. Can your survival skills help you escape from Maniac?