About Parkour Race

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About Parkour Race

Perform beautiful acrobatics in the running game Parkour Race. Skyscrapers and many obstacles are waiting for you to overcome them all to win.

Start the game and make easy moves like spiderman. Your task is to jump over all the buildings and run to the finish line to win. The buildings are located close to each other but with uneven spacing. Use your long jump and climbing skills to conquer all the rooftops. That is not necessarily easy. Because on the top of each building, there will be obstacles. Overcome all the obstacles to keep running to the finish line. When you have not reached the top of the building, use climbing skills to climb to the top. Don't give up if you don't want to start over from the beginning.

In the game you will race against a number of other players, to see who is the fastest to the finish line. Don't forget to use your achievements. Upgrade your character with outstanding costumes and weapons. Explore all the levels of the game now!

How to control

Press the Start button to start the game. Use the left or right arrow keys to move the character. If you want to jump high, move the character to the area with the arrow shape.