Baldi's Basics

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Basics of Baldi's Basics

Play Baldi's Basics and explore a strange school. Baldi teaches subjects here but there are a lot of scary things going on, go to each classroom and find out.

Inspiration of Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is an abbreviation of the phrase Baldi's Basics in Education. This is an educational horror game inspired by Sonic's Schoolhouse, I.M. Meer and 3D Dinosaur Adventure are very popular since the 90s. With ancient graphics and realistic sound, sharp images of a scary school horror for all players.

The story in Baldi's Basics

Our main character is also the character you play who needs to go to a school to get 7 notebooks. It is very important for his thesis writing work. To get those notebooks, you need to answer various math and field quizzes. Everyone in the school with scary faces is always ready to harm you while you are here. After collecting all the books, you have to find the correct exit between the three available exits. Complete the quest and go out to win against teacher Baldi right away.

Game Play

Remember your main task is to collect all 7 books and choose a safe way out in a short time.

Collect books

Use the ASDW and arrow keys along with the mouse to move and look around the whole school and classroom. You will find each notebook. Open the notebook and you have to answer 3 questions in it in turn correctly. From the moment you pick up the notebook, the multi-talented teacher Baldi will always be watching you. If you answer correctly, there will be rewards. Wrong answers will receive outrage and you do not stand still. Instantly run fast by holding Shift and keep an eye on your energy bar. Don't forget to run while using the spacebar to look back. Gently run away and hide and don't let Baldi catch you. Besides that, a series of problems occurred in the classroom also occurred. For example, you might meet other teachers and they ask you to do some silly things when you answer questions or run away.

Find the way out

After losing, entering all 7 books, equivalent to 21 questions, you will face another difficulty. There are three ways for you to get out, but only one exit is correct. You need to use your brain again to activate all three and successfully escape.

Some tips for you

You need to run fast in silence if you don't want to lose the game too soon. Along the way also pay attention to observing the surrounding items and left-click to collect. You can see energy candies or magic water that help you hit enemies proactively. The most important thing is that you should prepare yourself well to solve the quizzes in front of teacher Baldi. Surely you will not be chased in fear and not see the horror in this school anymore. Good luck finding a safe exit.