Battle Robot Wolf Age

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Battle Robot Wolf Age is a thrilling game where you will build your own formidable fighting wolf robot, train it to fight and challenge opponents in battles.

Build your Fighting Wolf Robot

In Battle Robot Wolf Age, the first step to victory is to assemble a powerful robot. Choose from a variety of sections, each with unique properties. Mix and match to create the ultimate fighting machine. Consider factors such as speed, strength, agility, and weapons when customizing your robot.

Once you've chosen your parts, it's time to build your wolf robot. Careful arrangement of selected components, ensuring optimal balance and functionality. Your robot design will play an important role in its performance in battles. Don't rush this step; a well-built robot can make a difference.

Help your Wolf Robot master its skills for Battle

Now that your robot is complete, it's time to train it to become a fierce warrior. Train your robot to master various combat skills, including attacking, parrying, dodging, and special moves. The more you practice, the stronger your robot becomes, increasing your chances of defeating your opponents.

Challenging opponents

Once your robot has honed its skills, it's time to enter the arena. Challenge opponents from around the world or engage in intense single-player battles. Test your robot's mettle and adapt to different fighting styles. Victory will not come easy but with dedication and strategy, you can win.


You can play this game using your mouse.


Battle Robot Wolf Age offers an exciting gaming experience where you have the ability to create and train your own fighting wolf robot, then pit against opponents in epic battles. Show off your strategic prowess and fighting skills to become the ultimate champion in this action-packed game. Prepare for hours of excitement and intense matches as you try to defeat your opponents and win in the world of robot warfare!