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All about Bloxd.io

If you want to explore different game modes with graphics like Minecraft, then Bloxd.io is an interesting multiplayer game for you to experience.

The game has all 11 different game modes for you to experience. Those game modes include Survival, Peaceful, Creative, Bed Wars, Greenville, EvilTower, BloxdHop, DoodleCube, CubeWarfare, OneBlock, and Worlds. In each mode, you will have different new experiences. Typically in Survival mode, you need to fight with other players to survive. In this mode, you can communicate with all other players through chat channels. That is in Survival mode what about Peaceful mode? In Peaceful mode, you can go around the map to collect resources and build your amazing buildings here. Other modes also have separate themes waiting for you to discover now!

The game will be better if you join your friends. Together collect a lot of gold to enter the store to buy useful items. Have fun!

The game has many game modes so the gameplay is also extremely diverse. Below are the controls and some useful commands notes for you.

  • To move use the WASD key
  • To run press Shift or double-click the W . key
  • To bend down use C, Z, \, or Caps Lock key
  • To chat use T or Enter
  • To open the store use the B key
  • To start the command press the key containing the /
  • To place the block in DoodleCube mode use the right mouse button
  • To destroy blocks in DoodleCube mode use the left mouse button
  • To switch blocks in DoodleCube mode use the number pad or the middle button of the mouse

Commonly used commands

/rtv not a fan of this map can skip it.
/players to see the current players in the same turn as you
/xp to see your current XP and level
/played to see how much time you spent on this experience
/nobuffs play all maps without any buffs