Blumgi Castle

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A battle breaks out at Blumgi Castle

Your castle in Blumgi Castle is being attacked by ugly monsters. You and your friends must bomb them together to prevent them from entering your castle.

This is an action game that throws bombs between tiny characters and ugly monsters. The kingdom of the Stick people is very peaceful. Suddenly one day there are enemies like the army of snails approaching. They build a bridge over the river and want to enter the castle and take your land. You are the soldiers guarding the protection, you can't let that happen and let people make tears for them. You will play that guard character in Blumgi Castle. These are not just simple shooting contests. These are the competition to create and bomb with strong destructive power, are you ready?

Defeat the enemy team

Control the character that throws the bomb

  • Player 1: Press the arrow keys to aim and the Space button to throw the bomb, and press the second time for the bomb to explode.
  • Player 2: E and R keys will be used to aim and A key to throw and explode

This is a game with a two-player mode. Before the waves of strong attacks from the enemy, you can also play with friends to work together to destroy the enemy.

Some tips for you

Your task is to block the opponent's way to the castle. Remember to aim carefully and accurately. Your shooting force must be consistent. If you shoot too far and the bomb falls into the water, it will not work. As long as you drop the bomb on the bridge where the opponents are standing, you will win. For example, when you have a short bomb, it does not hit the army's position, but if the bomb is still on the bridge. You can let the bridge explode and the enemy will also fall into the water. Blumgi Castle will have many levels and many battles with waves of increasingly powerful opponents. You pay careful attention.