Brother Wake Up

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About Brother Wake Up

Brother Wake Up is a horror game containing moments of suspense and suspense. Your little brother is in danger quickly find out the hints to wake him up now!

The game is based on a horror plot where a younger brother is lulled to sleep by a watchmaker with a spooky clock. After his brother fell asleep, the other watchmaker broke the clock and hid it in a hidden corner of the house. Your task is to find the other clock fragments as soon as possible. If he can't find the pieces to put them back together, he may never wake up again. Take action now!

In the game, you will be equipped with a battery temple and other necessary tools. Use a flashlight to light the way and search every corner of the house such as cabinets, tables, under tables, in rooms, or in chests in the house. Collecting all the hints you see will help you get closer to where the watch fragments are hidden. During your search, watch out for watchmakers who will stop your search. Staying away from the watchmaker is best. Time is running out, don't let the creepy sounds make you step back, but focus on finding and rescuing your brother.

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How to control in Brother Wake Up

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Use the space bar to jump
  • Use the F key to pick up or drop items
  • Use the E key to interact with the object such as unlocking the door
  • Use 1,2,3 key to view inventory
  • Use the right mouse button to turn the flashlight on or off