Capybara Clicker

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Capybara Clicker brings you an idle game, have fun with the game with a lovely mouse, just click on it and wait for many different interesting things.

You will have many different interesting experiences when playing Capybara Clicker. There are capybaras everywhere and they are yellow and completely safe, you will have to like them just because they are so adorable. Along with those lovely creatures, you are the only one to enter this planet. You can care for it and make it your friend without fear. Together, the two will create lovely memories in many different settings. Capybara Clicker can help you start relaxing immediately.

Gameplay of the game Capybara Clicker

You have to make capybara in Capybara Clicker so they can gather and go shopping. You can tell this is a clicker game just from the name Capybara Clicker. Therefore, all you have to do to create capybaras is click on the large capybara in the middle of the playing screen.

Earn money and shop

Everything is paid for and purchased with capybara because this is a capybara planet. This implies that you can make more capybara the more you click. Purchasing upgrades will allow you to create more capybaras with each click if you get tired of clicking a lot. Also, use automatic mode to breed more capybaras. As a result, the number of automatically generated capybaras will increase rapidly. You can unlock and modify the appearance of your guinea pig to make the game more interesting.

You can add more items, adjust its coat color, fur color, and more. You know how to make your capybara more interesting. However, you can also spend money on both and change the environment. These will definitely turn Capybara Clicker into an interesting game that you and your friends can play all day without getting bored.