Clash of Skulls

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What is Clash of Skulls?

Clash of Skulls is an engaging strategy game. You will face enemies who are trying to sabotage your base. Make a plan to lead your army into battle.

Clash of Skulls is a fierce battle between you and the opposing army. Your opponents are evil creatures that intend to take over your land. They began to send out hideous creatures to fight. If you want to win, you must know how to command your own army. Here you will use the mouse to flip each card to open the troops. Both sides are powerful skull armies. So you must know how to combine and choose soldiers with weapons. There will be archers, powerful soldiers wielding 2 swords, soldiers riding beasts, etc. You can equip more explosive bombs to destroy the fastest and most opponents. Simply wait for the dealer and flip the cards, choose the minions, and arrange the right direction. Good luck defending your territory.

What are the features of Clash of Skulls?

  • Enjoy detailed 2D graphics with a realistic feel
  • Accumulating points will allow you to upgrade your character.
  • Combine effective warriors to win.
  • Prevent your enemies from reaching your territory.
  • Playable on phones and computers.
  • A fierce battle with the terrorist army.