Clown Nights

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About Clown Nights

Clown Nights is a horror game inspired by circus clowns. With a scary and gloomy scene at night, you need to survive 7 terrifying nights in this circus.

Surely stories about clowns will bring you laughter. But in the game Clown Nights, the fun only takes place during the day until sunset, all you see will be the scariest things. Especially the clowns become ghostly and bloodthirsty. But don't be afraid to find ways to deal with them.

In the game, you will be a security guard on the night shift. Your mission is to survive seven nights in this circus without being caught by ghostly clowns. In the circus, you can observe all the bugs with the camera and see where the clowns are. The only safe space in this location is the room that you cannot leave. The door button and the light button can be clicked to lock the door and turn on the light respectively. But be careful. It's only 12 am, but you still need to save energy until 6 am. Use the camera and these buttons wisely and don't waste your energy. Light is risky to turn on. Close the door until the clown disappears if you see one, otherwise, you will be in danger. Wish you will see the dawn of the next day!

Features in the horror game Clown Nights

  • Realistic 2D graphics
  • The challenge is 7 nights of survival
  • The sudden appearance of clowns at night
  • The game needs careful observation to act on time
  • Addictive gameplay

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to use the camera.
  • Use your mouse to click on the screen to see the guard room.
  • Use the mouse to turn on/off the light and close/open the door.