Computer Office Escape

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The story around Computer Office Escape

Computer Office Escape is a unique escape game for you to try your hand at solving puzzles. In the office, only you, you have to figure out how to get out.

What will you do if one day you find the office empty? Neither boss nor co-workers are left. Everything is intact but you are alone in the office. No need to think anymore, you are already locked in this closed room. Surrounding you are only your walls, a computer, and a coffee pot with closed doors. Everything is very questionable. It's time to use your brain, working at full capacity. Put on your hat like a detective and start finding clues to get out.

How to play Computer Office Escape

Use your mouse and move around your room. After you see an object, click on it and look for detailed clues to solve the puzzle. For example, when you click on a bookshelf, the puzzle for you is to rearrange the books in the correct order. If you solve it, your gift is a computer cable. You continue to the computer, plug it in and continue the puzzle journey. You will need to explore everything in the room and find the key to open the door. You will have to solve one puzzle after another. You are ready to ignore the fear of being in the room alone and start this detective escape game right away.