Connect Dots

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About the game

Connect Dots game will take you to discover amazing constellations. Here you are free to create your own constellations by connecting the given points.

Junction point

In the game, you will see the first appearance are the junctions. The junctions have been arranged in order. Basically, you will visualize the shape created by these joints. In order for the shape you are imagining to show more clearly you need to connect these points together. This is too simple, right? But you will find it difficult to know the requirements of the game below.

Requirements of the game

Seams that are not repeated together are a difficult requirement in this game. If the seams are repeated, your direction may be wrong. As such you will have to press the back button to redo your concatenation. It's like a puzzle challenging you to overcome. You will be at the top of the leaderboard if your playing level is the highest.

Highlights in Connect Dots

A diversity of colors

In addition to attractive gameplay, the game also has extremely attractive colors. At each level, you will discover different colors. So you will never feel monotonous when participating in the game.

How to play

Use the mouse to connect the points together.