Cubes 2048.io

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About Cubes 2048.io

Cubes 2048.io is an extremely interesting 3D game when you experience the familiar gameplay of the combination of snakes and 2048. Let's start the game now!

With a large map with the participation of many players, you will have to compete to survive in this game. Move to the blocks where you can merge as high as possible. When you have merged a relative amount of points, go find worthy opponents to achieve higher scores faster. By rushing into opponents with smaller scores or cutting through big ones you will grow extremely quickly. But when achieving a high score you also need to protect because many other opponents are also near you. You just need to let your guard down and they will come and knock you down. So keep an eye out to avoid timely opponents chasing you. Becoming the snake with the highest score on the map is your goal, survive to the end to enjoy this feeling of victory.

Features of the game

  • The game gives you an extremely interesting new experience
  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Join the game with many other players
  • Some skills are supported to help you move faster
  • Join the game on all available web browsers on computers and phones.


  • Click to move faster
  • Move the mouse to control the snake's direction