Drive Mad

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Some information about Drive Mad

The principles of the game

Drive Mad is a fantastic driving game where you must conquer a tough track. Navigate your car to reach the finish line and move to the following levels.

Welcome to the race track with plenty of challenges. In the game, you will control your car to overcome the challenging levels. Each level will ask you different tasks. In addition, the terrain in the levels is one of the challenges you must face. For example, the first level is simple, you must overcome the bridge to reach the finish line. On the second level, your car will drive back up to finish the level. Therefore, its difficulty level will be harder than the first one. You must remember that the higher level you play, the more difficult it gets.

The game offers many attractive race tracks. Can you become one of the people who can conquer 100 levels of the game? If you fail at any level, do not worry. You can replay the level until you can pass it.

How to control

W, D, X, the up arrow, and the right arrow to steer forward.
S, A, Z, Down arrow, left arrow to steer backward.

Some features of Drive Mad

100 challenging levels

There are 100 levels for you to try. The name of each level shows the challenge you must overcome. For example, you may encounter some deadly tracks in levels 3, 9, 39, etc. They are rope bridges, slippery slopes, runways, and so on. In addition, on some level, you must crash into other opponents, like tanks, and rocket cars to destroy them. Try your best to finish the level.

The car can go forward or back

In the game, the finish line may be placed at the front or back of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to reach the finish line at the front, you must go forward. And vice versa. You can go back to complete the level with the finish line on the back of the car because your car can not turn left or right.