Egg Car

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The overview of Egg Car

The game rules

Egg Car is an amusing driving game that requests you to be skillful. You must steer your car to go as far as possible without causing the egg to fall.

Car control is no longer strange to those who love the driving game genre. In this game, you continue to control a supercar to overcome the crooked roads. However, your car also carries an egg. You are not allowed to make the egg fall on the track. If you fail, you will be forced to stop the game.

Moreover, when conquering the track, you must try to collect many gold coins to purchase another car. There are a lot of cars waiting for you. Additionally, your score will correspond to the distance you conquered. Try your best to break your record after each turn. Can you become the winner with the highest scores? Join the game now to check your skills.

Controls car in Egg Car

  • Press A to go back.
  • Press D to go forward.

The highlights of Egg Car

The power-ups

You can collect many power-ups in the game. You can go through the ice power-ups to make the egg frozen. As a result, you do not need to worry about it. The egg will not roll or fall. Besides, you should collect many fuel tanks to make your car go the longest distance.

The cars

When you play the game, you can collect many coins. Use your coins to purchase other cars. There are many cars in the game. They have outstanding features. You can buy all of them to experience. You can select a car, supercar, truck, or bus.