End of War

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Intro the game

End of War is a game that simulates people's lives after the war. Every house is in ruins and on fire. Please mobilize and help people rebuild.

End of War depicts the remnants of life after the war. Everything from houses to trees is burning. Let's all stand up together and rebuild our normal daily lives. Be the hero to take the lead and repair houses, gather more people and look after the forest, etc. Can you unite people, and rebuild houses, factories, factories?

Your mission in the game

All the trees and houses are now just a ruin. Go around checking everything with the arrow keys or ASDW. Then you and everyone else automatically get rid of the broken stuff, clean it up, and start cutting down trees, chopping wood, and rebuilding. After finishing each house, go to the next places and continue with everyone to repair. More and more work will be done every day and more people will help you.


  • Lots of exciting levels
  • The system of earning resources and their distribution for repairs
  • Team gathering at levels and joint construction of houses
  • An exciting story of the country's rebirth