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Rooms in Endacopia

Coming to Endacopia, you will be involved in an adventure journey with the lost boy Mellow. You help the boy find his house based on the clues in each room.

In this Endacopia escape game, you will play as a lost boy named Mellow. He's in a closed room and he doesn't know where he is. There are many strange things around such as colorful paintings, smiley clocks, etc. You are like his guardian angel and need to help him get home. You and he will explore the objects in each room one by one and find other ways. Go around with the ASDW keys and perform a series of actions with left and right mouse clicks. For example, you see a computer, plug it in, and start the computer and you will see each image file and find the door to another room. There will also be many dangers that you need to face in each room. Join this journey and help young Mellow find a home where his parents are waiting.

More Information

Release Date: October 2022
Platform: Web browser
Creator: AndyLand
Composer: Packtion