Endless Siege

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About Endless Siege

Endless Siege needs you to join and fight the enemy. Plan different defenses in strategic locations to avoid the bad guys surrounding your stronghold. This is an immersive and challenging strategy game that tests your tactical prowess and strategic thinking. Set in a fantasy kingdom plagued by constant conflict, players must build fortresses, amass armies, and defend against relentless sieges. This guide will walk you through the basics of the game and provide valuable tips to help you thrive in this dynamic world.

Building strongholds of power - Forts and Infrastructure

In Endless Siege, your stronghold is your lifeline. Build and upgrade a variety of buildings for different purposes, from resource production to advanced technology research and training units. Prioritize building structures that enhance resource generation and defense against impending sieges.

Resource management in Endless Siege

Efficient resource management is essential to the growth of your stronghold. Collect resources like wood, stone, and gold to boost your expansion and defense efforts. Allocate resources wisely between building buildings, training troops, and conducting research. Balancing these aspects will determine the strength of your fortress.

Gather the ultimate army

A powerful army is the key to repelling sieges and conquering opponents. Recruit and train different units, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. From infantry and archers to siege engines and mages, your unit composition must be flexible to counter different threats. Experiment with formations and unit combinations to find what works best for your playstyle.

Hero leader

Heroes play an important role in Endless Siege. These special leaders possess special abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Capture and upgrade heroes to strengthen your forces and give them a tactical advantage. Combine hero abilities with your unit strategy to create devastating synergy and gain a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Master the Battleground

Establish a Base

  • Start by building resource generating buildings like lumber mills, mines, and farms to ensure a steady flow of resources.
  • Upgrade walls and defenses to prepare for upcoming sieges.

Resource collection and management

  • Collect resources from your buildings regularly to avoid bottlenecks and ensure continuous progress.
  • Allocate resources according to your priority: expand your army, strengthen your defenses or invest in research.

Build your army

  • Visit the barracks to recruit different units, consider their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Balance army composition training including melee, ranged and special units for flexibility.

Recruit and upgrade heroes

  • Acquire heroes with diverse abilities to enhance your strategic options.
  • Invest in hero upgrades to unlock powerful skills and improve their leadership on the battlefield.

Prepare to fight

  • Spy on your opponent's stronghold to gauge their defenses and troop composition.
  • Adjust your army composition and formation based on your enemies' weaknesses and strengths.

Join the battle

  • Start a siege strategically, targeting vulnerable areas of the enemy fortress.
  • Use your hero's abilities at critical moments to gain the upper hand in battles.

In the game Endless Siege, improve your arsenal.

Eventually, you'll be able to adapt this weapon for a whole new, more advanced, and more scientific defense. Although significantly more powerful, these upgraded weapons are also very expensive. In the beginning when planning these upgrades, put some money aside.

Endless Siege offers an engaging blend of strategy and tactical combat, giving players the opportunity to build mighty strongholds and lead mighty armies into battle. By mastering resource management, assembling diverse armies, and leveraging hero abilities, you can conquer endless sieges and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with in the world. this dynamic fantasy.