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The rules of biomes in EvoWorld.io

You all know that smaller animals will be eaten by bigger ones. The world in EvoWorld.io is the same, you will start from a small fly and eat to grow fighting.

An unwritten rule in life is that big fish will eat small fish, smaller animals will be eaten by bigger animals. Everyone knows that. And in EvoWorld.io there are also such rules. This place has lush green grass, rivers and streams and enough sunshine to make a lot of animals live here. The animals of the lower class will be eaten by those of the upper class. This is a multiplayer survival battle. Everyone wants to eat a lot of nutritious food to grow up. Only the person standing at the top of the food can do no harm.

Evolution in EvoWorld.io

EvoWorld.io has 45 different species of creatures and 8 stages of evolution according to each biome.


  • Normal: There are insects, birds, bees, bats, etc. that are so familiar in nature. This is the lowest and weakest class.
  • Prehistoric: This is a bit higher level, here we will have Pterodactyl Child and Pterodactyl.
  • Monster and Demonic: this class gathers a variety of scary zombies for all players.
  • Mythical: From fearsome monsters, you will evolve one more wick into Dragon and Phoenix in ancient myths.
  • Cosmic: Next are the animals from outer space, with big eyes, strange shapes with wings.
  • Undead: This is the highest class, where the longest-living creatures gather. Once you've survived to the top of the food chain, you don't have to worry about someone harming you.

Collect food and grow

When starting the game with EvoWorld. io, you'll just be a little fly in the lowest biome. Surrounded by many other animals that want to eat you, you will always be in danger like when playing FNAF Security Breach. To recognize taller species approaching you, pay attention to the color of the outer circle. The animals surrounded by red are the ones you should not get close to if you don't want to be swallowed. The things you can eat are the ones surrounded by green. Eat a lot and until you reach a certain number you will be promoted to a higher level. Each animal will have different features and different shapes, so players will not be bored. Eat lots of food and gold coins and become the Easter Sprite, the head of the food chain. The special thing you need to pay attention to, in addition to eating, you also have to drink water and oxygen to live. Find a place with water to drink immediately and get ashore for a short time before your body runs out of oxygen. Both of these important metrics are displayed in the corner of the screen. When both fall to the red line, you also lose, which means you lack water and oxygen in your body. You can join your friends in this harsh food war.