Flappy Bird

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How far can you go in the Flappy Bird game?

Flappy Bird is fun game. Your goal is to touch the screen so that the bird can move through the holes in the bamboo tube without it crashing into the tube.

This game was met with a lot of opposition when it was first released because it caused the participants to experience extreme discomfort. Even so, it continues to attract millions of players because it challenges player creativity and because it rewards successful players. Despite the simple gameplay, the inherent challenge of the game ensures that players won't be able to stay away from the screen for too long. Are you sure you won't let any inhibitions stop you from enjoying this game to the fullest?

You start the game by pressing and holding the button that looks like a bird flying in the air. Then, when pairs of tunnels made of green bamboo appear on the screen, you must guide your character through them. You'll get points for successfully navigating through each group of tunnels, so remember to always keep your finger on that button! If you put your hand on the bird and let go, it will jump higher, but if you touch it, it will fall lower. Also you will lose all your progress and have to start the level again if you come into contact with the top or bottom part of the screen, tunnel or any of them. This will happen if you touch any of these elements.

Basic features of the game

  • Extremely simple controls
  • The player may find it annoying, but it is also highly addictive.
  • Win higher scores when participating in live competition with many other players.

How to control?

The use of mouse is required to play this game, just clicking anywhere on the screen will make the bird fly away.