FNaF Shooter

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About FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter is a shooting game with horror elements. In the background is a large shopping mall. You need to destroy all the haunted toy characters.

The story begins when you arrive at a large shopping mall, it seems that you have arrived quite late, and now is the time for the center to turn off the lights and close. Your goal is to find a way to escape from here as soon as possible because this central area hides terrible things at night. It's time for you to take action! Take a gun with a light to find the exit from this central area. On the way, you need to pay attention because there will be sudden attacks that make you startled. Attacking you is none other than evil toys. Don't let them catch and deplete your health bar, if you run out of health you will lose.

The game also has a lot of levels for you to explore. Each level as you progress up will have more toys with different shapes for you to destroy them. Besides you can upgrade your arsenal and use the money earned at the end of each level to buy new, better weapons to fight the oncoming wave of toys.


  • Captivating 3D game
  • Play the game in first person
  • Many challenging levels for you
  • Various toy characters
  • Weapons are upgraded to become more powerful

How to play

  • Use your mouse to look around
  • WASD for motion
  • W + Shift to run
  • Space to dance
  • Left mouse to shoot
  • Right mouse button (hold) to aim
  • Mouse wheel to switch next or previous weapon
  • 1-7 to weapon hotkey
  • R to reload
  • G throws grenades