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In this exciting racing game, you can race against other players to gain the first position. You can play with other people from around the world. It is a great opportunity to show your racing skills!

How to control

Use arrow keys to control your vehicle.

  • Pressing the up arrow key on your keyboard will allow you to proceed.
  • To turn to the left or right, you can also use your keyboard's left and right arrow keys.
  • Press the down arrow key on your keyboard to apply the brakes.

FunRace.io Gameplay

The race track is divided into sections that are identified by a number and a yellow line. Compete against seven other players in your mission. Let's run as fast as we can to be first at the finish line and win! In this racing game, can you become the master racer?

Additionally, before you can exit this driving game, you must complete three laps. It differs from Wormax.io, FNAF Security Breach, and Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill.