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The game rules of Gangsters

Gangsters offer an intense battle between two gangs. The game requests you to control your gangsters to beat your opposing gang until all of them are killed.

Each gang will consist of 3 gangsters. You will control your gangsters to defeat your opposing gang. Your rivals in the game depend on the game mode. There are two game modes for you.

P1 Vs CPU mode

In this mode, your opponent's gang will be controlled by the computer. You will control your gangsters to attack them. You have to be very careful if you do not want to fall off the playing field. In addition, when detecting weapons, you have to get close to them to collect them. In addition, do not let your three gangsters stand too far apart, which will give the enemy a chance to attack your gang.

P1 Vs P2

You will join the game mode with another one. Each one will control a gang on the same device. Your mission is to defeat your opposing gang. Try your best to become the last to stand on the playing field with almost gangsters. Good luck!

Control your gang in Gangsters

Player 1

  • W to move.
  • E to attack.

Player 2

  • I to move.
  • O to attack.