Geometry Dash Lite

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Dangerous speed in Geometry Dash Lite

Coming to Geometry Dash Lite, you join a challenging game of running and jumping over danger. This place is fast-paced and difficult to control the character.

Coming to Geometry Dash Lite, unexpected challenges will constantly appear. You always have to be in a state of vigilance to stay out of the way. Jump, run and soar through the platforms. They can be sharp spikes and cause you to lose the game. Getting rid of them will make you go further and further away and earn more points. Test your abilities as you jump, levitate and glide through those traps. If you are a person with quick reflexes, it will not be difficult. Let's enjoy the wind-breaking speed that the game brings.

Difference between Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite

If you are passionate about tempo games, you can't help but know Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash Lite is an upgraded version and has more novelties. The game will bring more difficult platforms for you to overcome. More game modes and more character models to choose from. You can modify your character's appearance at any time and in any way you want if you have a lot of bonuses for going long distances. Especially the configurations and sound effects are more realistic, making you feel like you're running away from those scary dangers, not a game anymore. Many other rewards are also waiting for you to receive when you overcome the difficulties to unlock the level.

Geometry Dash Lite control

Play now and move to the music. You will feel fly freely but be aware of pointing objects in the air or on the ground. Use the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard to dodge it. With your hands, you can more easily operate games on your phone. On the phone, you can easily dodge danger, but playing on a computer will give you a more realistic experience.

Tips: You can use the practice mode to familiarize yourself with the environment before performing the actual missions.