Graffiti Time

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Join the adventure game - Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time is an experiential game. As Fat Cap, go to some of the most magnificent locations and leave behind some of your most incredible inventions.

In the video game Graffiti Time, the main character, known simply as Mr. Fat Cap, tasked with writing graffiti in space. It is possible to create some works of art while moving stealthily through the city without attracting your attention. You need to make an effort to restore order to the streets, but you also need to be careful to avoid being caught by the robots watching you. You can increase your earnings if you perform kicks while using the small cruiser skateboard you have.

Fly with the pressure created by the paint buckets and dive into the extremely hard-to-reach parts of the game as you paint the vehicles and mark them with your signature, which will result in a change of route . Use the pressure released by the paint bucket. city into a shape that can be touched. Fly with pressure as a direct consequence of the pressure released by the paint cans. Your painting has made the room seem brighter and more inviting. If time is of the essence, you should speed up your skateboard and do some somersaults to increase your chances of getting a bonus.

Some characteristics

  • Race mode on skateboard
  • Challenging additional mini games
  • Free tagging mode
  • The cutest cartoon animals can be done from afar.

How to play the game

You can navigate using the AD key on your keyboard or the arrow keys on the left and right sides of the keyboard. You can jump forward by pressing the W key on the keyboard or the up arrow on the mouse. Graffiti can be drawn using the C key, and free tagging mode can be activated before any city merchandise.