Happy Wheels

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Basic Information

Have you ever played the Happy Wheels game, a driving game where you have to steer a character with his vehicle? Controlling the character and attempting to cross the finish line without crashing into anything is the goal of this game.

Using any web browser, you can play this game on your computer or mobile device. It is similar to Among Us and Crossy Road. For more fun games, visit our FNAF Security Breach website!

About Happy Wheels

You must move your character using the appropriate buttons to control him. In this game, you have to run between levels while avoiding obstacles. This game has 139 levels, each of which has a different challenge for you to complete.

How to control

  • Move by pressing the ARROW KEYS.
  • To perform the primary action, press the SPACEBAR.
  • To carry out the secondary action, hold down the Shift or Ctrl keys.
  • To eject, press the Z key.