Helix Jumping

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About Helix Jumping

Helix Jumping has simple graphics and gameplay, but it attracts millions of players. Why? The answer to this question will be available to you right from the start of the game.

You'll enjoy this game because you can play it in a new and innovative way. It differs significantly from other ball games. In addition, the spiral maze is a one-of-a-kind starting point in this entertaining game.

Your Tasks

The objective of this online game is to guide your ball safely through the spiral maze to the bottom. By avoiding all obstacles, ensure that the ball does not land in the dead spot.

When your ball lands on a different color in this game, you lose. Take pleasure in the thrill of a ball falling. To break the next point, click the breakpoints on the platform. Collect coins while attempting to achieve a high score in this fun online game to gain access to new skins. If you fail, your score will be 0. Therefore, strive for success.

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