Horror Bosses Clicker

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Scary Bosses in Horror Bosses Clicker

A horror-clicker game you cannot be ignored is Horror Bosses Clicker. This is a fight between you and dangerous scary bosses. Click and create more weapons.

Have you ever fought with many horror opponents? The most famous horror bosses like Baldi, and Kripipasta are now waiting for you on the battlefield in a dark forest. Maybe you've played games and won with them, but now it's all coming together at the same time that you won't be able to stop in time. Also included is a horror girl with long hair, Slender, Jeff the killer, Rake, Golden Freddie from 5 Nights with Freddie, Doll Chucky, Babaduk from Otherworld, and many more. The sound and graphics of the game will bring an atmosphere of fear and urge to you. This will definitely be an unforgettable thrill and horror experience for you.

How to kill the bosses

Since this is a clicker game, you need to use your mouse and click on the bosses to reduce their power value. When the power value is 0, you will be able to go to another world and destroy other stronger bosses. The more you reduce the power of those evil people, the more points you will get. Let's calculate to buy more weapons. Each boss will have different weaknesses, so they will need to use different weapons such as bricks, hammers, etc. Click fast, accurate, and persistent and you will win.