Horror Tale

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Mysterious disappearances

Child abductions are going on in Horror Tale and show no signs of stopping. You need to go to the kidnapper's place, find the clues and help the kids out.

Many children in Lakewitch City are missing. The children who got out of school were waiting for their parents to pick them up, but suddenly they were nowhere to be found. Everyone was engulfed in an atmosphere of fear and grief. Can no one answer and know where they are? Are you ready to find out to unravel the mysteries of these disappearances?

Rescue journey

Find the clues

You won't be in danger fighting the kidnapper alone. You will be accompanied by Harry. Both are planning to keep the whole neighborhood safe. Go around looking at the word notes and follow the instructions. Those are quest clues that require solving puzzles that you need to complete. All around were beautiful sunsets but there were many screams of fear. There are many pleasant surprises waiting for you.

Character control

  • WASD = move
  • F = action
  • C = crouch
  • H = hint
  • X = leave the item
  • G = throw an item
  • P = pause

The mode in Horror Tale

  • Ghost: the enemy doesn't see and attack you.
  • Easy: the enemy is slow and can't see or hear well.
  • Normal: the enemy is quick and see or hear well.
  • Hard: very fast enemy and can see or hear perfectly.