Knight's Diamond

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The attractive adventure in Knight's Diamond

Join a finding diamond adventure in Knight's Diamond. Assist your knight in defeating enemies, collecting a diamond to unlock the exit, and passing the level.

In this adventure, you will transform into a clever knight. To escape the hazardous cave, you must collect a diamond to open the exit. However, before reaching the exit, you must face a lot of challenges. You may fight against many rivals. Use your sword to destroy them before they do. In addition, on the track, there are a lot of spikes. You must jump over to dodge them. If you collide with them, your energy will decrease. Do not fall into the gaps. You may take a lot of time to come back.

Furthermore, you can collect many items which can help you during the adventure. You can get other swords. They can be thrown automatically once you face them. Next, do not miss the hearts because you can have more energy thanks to them. Finally, you should break the chests and barrels to get many beneficial items, such as a diamond, food, or gold coin.

How to control your knight in Knight's Diamond

  • The up arrow key to jump.
  • The left arrow key to go back.
  • The right arrow key to go forward.
  • The spacebar to attack.