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An aggressive shooting game

A fast-paced shooting competition like Krunker will give you a comfortable moment. You are ready to participate in this playground and destroy all opponents.

Krunker is a shooting game that is loved by many young people because of its lifelike 3D images for the player's character. You join the game and enter a dark space with many other players. Here to survive, you need to destroy all the remaining players. Whoever can pass the levels to kill as many enemies as possible while still alive is the winner. It is a fast-action game that requires reflexes and fighting skills. You have to devise strategies to hide and complete the objectives. Use the arrow keys or ASDW to move, and click to shoot down the target to win this thrilling battle.

Explore Krunker

In Krunker there are many types of weapons and maps for every player.


This shooting game has 12 different main maps to play Deathmatch. But players can submit map designs and set them up themselves. That makes the game have many different area maps but stimulates the creativity and joy of players.


There are 12 variations with different weapons for you to play the game. Each weapon has properties suitable for different play styles. Examples include the Vince shotgun, the archer's crossbow, and the mine bomb. Each player has a choice of fighting style and flexible weapon.