Lawn Mower Puzzle

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Summary of Lawn Mower Puzzle

The rules of the game

Blow your boring day with a puzzle game that is Lawn Mower Puzzle. Drag the lawn mower to cut the grass in the fields vertically and horizontally.

With simple rules and addictive gameplay, this game can appeal to many players. You need to control the lawn mower to go through the grassy areas and clear them. However, the field also has a lot of obstacles like straw, wood, and so on. Therefore, you need to think carefully to make a wise move. If you get stuck, you can retake the previous move. If the lawn mower goes into the wrong move, you need to move it again. You can also restart the game with the restart button or stop the game with the pose button. Remember, each level has three stars and a time for you to complete. If you can't finish within the allotted time, you'll have to retake the level. Try to finish the game in the ruled time to get full stars.

How to drive the lawn mower


Use the WASD keys, the ARROW keys, or the computer mouse to move

Mobile phone:

Tap on your screen to play

All the levels in Lawn Mower Puzzle

This game brings you 60 levels classified from easy to difficult. At higher levels, the field will be wider and more preventers. If you're not careful, you'll easily get stuck with them. You need to cut all the grass in the area within the allotted time to pass the game. After completing a level, you will have a chance to move to the next level. Each level will have a different challenge. Finish the challenge as quickly as possible to get 3 stars.