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MiniPoly.io takes you into a dramatic arena where you need to compete with other players. Grab your gun and start your journey with a special mission.

In this cataclysmic battlefield, arm yourself with a machine gun and take on your opponents in a fierce competition for dominance. You will receive a powerful machine gun. Don't hesitate, use it now to eliminate the first opponent you encounter. Remember, in this arena, everyone you meet is an opponent, so activate it quickly. Hesitation can mean danger, or worse, failure.

Countless weapons

As you move around the MiniPoly.io campus, you will encounter many different types of weapons that can help you destroy your opponents. Each time you successfully defeat an opponent, you will earn 100 points. The key to victory is to eliminate as many players as possible to get the highest score. Show your shooting skills and become the ultimate champion.

Discover hidden treasures

This game is not only a shooting game but it is also an exploration game. Throughout the game, you will stumble upon attractive items, but how do you get them? Simply collect coins and diamonds as you play. As your wealth increases, you'll unlock new hats, skins, and more weapons, going beyond shotguns and pistols. Hone your rapid fire skills, collect riches and get all these priceless items to enhance your gameplay.

Outstanding features

  • Explore the incredible gaming environment.
  • A large number of player gun readings are taken into account.
  • The pace is fast and engaging throughout the game
  • Unlock a variety of useful goods and improve your personality.

How to control the game?

  • To navigate, use WASD keys.
  • To shoot at enemies, click the mouse.
  • To jump, use the spacebar.
  • To switch weapons, press 1, 2 or 3.