Money Mart

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About Money Mart

The principles

Challenge yourself with an interesting idle game which is Money Mart. Take control of your monkey to sell products and expand the shop to increase your income.

This game is quite easy for you to control. Your goal is to help your monkey manage the shop and earn more money to expand your shop. Guide your monkey to the squares in the shop to collect money. Then, use that money to expand more stalls and lands. Harvest the fruits and collect the products to sell them on the stalls. The customers will come and buy it. They will pay at the cashier. At that time, control the monkey to collect money from the cashier. The products in the stalls can be run out of. Collect products to fill in the stalls. The customer will come more and more. You can upgrade to hire more workers and expand your shop. The more you play, the higher money you will get. You can use your money to unlock more products and workers. Try to make your

How to control


  • Use the mouse to upgrade
  • Press the WASD keys or ARROW keys to move

Mobile phone

  • Tap and hold on your screen to play

Remarkable things about Money Mart

Workers in the game

You can have some special workers to support you in the game including assistants, farmers, chefs, and managers. You can collect more products and money thanks to these workers. However, you just can unlock them when you level up. After they work hard, they will take a nap. You need to wake them up to keep on working. Upgrade them to work more effectively.

Assisting items

Besides workers, you also have some supporting items to help you. At high levels, you can unlock chickens, cows, microwaves, and yogurt makers. You will have some eggs with chicken. You can collect milk from cows. Then, create and store yogurt in the yogurt maker or make popcorn with a microwave. Similarly, you need to upgrade them continuously to boost your income.