Monster Life

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What is Monster Life?

You can comfortably build your own monster farm in Monster Life. They have a cute appearance. Take care of them and both will engage in boss fights.

What if your house contains cute little monsters (called Tamanos)? They will have a large head and two large claws in front of them, and also a reddish brown color. At first glance, you will see that they look like a crab. It's just a monster initially, you will have dozens of other monsters on your farm. You and them will participate in endless battles with dangerous bosses. And of course, it won't be like Pokémon or Digimon or other monster-collecting games. You will be able to participate in dozens of epic battles with monsters in the order you choose

Fight in Monster Life

Monster Life is an action game made by Yso Corp so you will find the game has a very easy and simple combat system. In the house with a monster on the chair. Move the mouse to change the viewing angle directly with them and press the Q, E, R, or F keys on the screen. It is a separate activity such as running, jumping, chasing, exercising, or eating. Take care of them and create a good environment for them. Playing with them or going for a walk, will make them the power to fight the Boss. When you press the Shift key, you will be able to tour the entire farm and select other monsters and raise them. Monster Life has two special currencies used within it: gems and waru. Gems can be purchased in the Shop or if you are lucky can be obtained from the Lucky Box which you can get once a day. Waru can be obtained in many ways such as harvesting them from your buildings, playing and raising monsters, lucky gift boxes, etc.