Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

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About Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

Are you ready to play Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill where you can choose to be a king or a murderer? Every character has a function. Can you complete the quests of each character? Let's begin this game and demonstrate our abilities.

How To Play

To become king, you must safeguard your life. Every servant who follows you can become a killer. Before the killer can kill you, you need to turn your head.

Your goal will be to kill the king if you become a murderer. Kill the king with the knife by sneaking behind him. Do not reveal your intentions to the king. That will occur, and your mission will fail.

To turn around or use a knife in this fun game, press the spacebar. This game requires quick reflexes. Therefore, playing this enjoyable game can help you improve your reaction time.

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