Om Nom Run

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About Om Nom Run

Welcome to the incredibly fun running game Om Nom Run. Coming to the game, you will experience beautiful new lands and a series of dangerous challenges.

Challenges in the game

The game has a series of challenges for you to explore. Your first challenge at the start of the game is to pass the 400m. On the way, there are dangerous obstacles that you need to avoid. You will see the obstacles here are trains, cars on the road, and even fences and signs,... If you crash into them you will have to start over. Don't forget to collect all the gold coins along the way. To collect more coins try to get awesome powerups like magnets, x2 coins, and rockets. More than that, the money you collect can unlock lovely new characters and unique costumes.

Similar games

Join the game you will find it almost similar to Subway Surfers. But in the game Om Nom Run you will see the most outstanding differences. For example, the graphics and game levels are arranged differently. In Om Nom Run you will experience 12 chapters each corresponding to 10 extremely attractive levels.

How to control the character Om Nom

  • Press the right arrow key to make the character run to the right
  • Press the left arrow key to make the character run to the left
  • Press the up arrow key for the character to jump
  • Press the down arrow key to get the character through the obstacle