‎Piggy – Escape From Pig

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About Piggy - Escape From Pig

Can you recognize a lunatic when you see one? Be cautious because occasionally even the most innocent-looking killers can be ruthless! It will happen in this horror game, called Piggy - Escape From Pig. Let's start this game now and explore surprising events!

Are A Pink Pig Really Cute And Friendly

When you see this adorable little pig, you would never guess that he was a murderer. That is the reason you accepted his invitation to come over for a cup of tea without thinking twice. You anticipated engaging conversation and delectable pie. Instead, a strong bate attack was used to greet you!

How To Escape

Now the pig is chasing you everywhere. If you wish to survive, you must run very quickly and conceal yourself very carefully. You need to find the keys which are someplace nearby. Locate them and unlock the door.

Suggestions: SCP-096 Modest, FNAF Security Breach, and Slender Man Must Die: Survivors.