Pixel Warfare

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About Pixel Warfare

If you like fast gameplay and top-notch shooting, then Pixel Warfare is a game worth experiencing. Start the game and take down all the other opponents now!

To win the game, use the provided weapons to destroy all the opponents that are approaching you. Sometimes the scene becomes chaotic, find your own way so as not to fall into the sights of your opponent. It is better to move flexibly, and use the advantages of the terrain to observe and defeat the opponent. In 30 minutes, how many opponents will you kill?

All achievements that you have will be evaluated on the leaderboard. Kill as many opponents as you show that you are a person with top shooting skills. Practice and use this skill to sweep every mode and 7 main maps in this game. Don't forget to join your friends to create your own playroom and have your own options for your team. Become the legendary shooter character in this game by topping the leaderboard.

After completing all the levels in this game you can watch other fun games like Night Watchman, Exhibit of Sorrows, and Haunted School.

Ways to control

  • To move the character you need to use the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
  • To change the combat weapon you need to use the keys from 1-6
  • To reload the game you need to press the R key
  • To view the menu press Tab