Pizza Tower

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Intro Pizza Tower

Join the Pizza Tower game and enjoy the moments of adventure with Chef Peppino. Help him enter the tower with many traps and fight dangerous pizza pieces.

The Adventures of Chef Peppino

Pizza Tower tells the story of Chef Peppino. He owns a small pizza restaurant. Recently, his restaurant has not been doing very well. It is constantly being fired by Pizza Faces with laser guns. This causes very serious damage to Peppino and the customer. After researching, he finally knows the address of the tower where the Pizza Faces are hiding. He needs to go there, sneak in and get revenge. Will you accompany him and help him fight to protect his pizzeria?

Level in Pizza Tower

In the game, you will have 5 levels and experience different challenges.

  • Level 1: Ancient
  • Level 2: Water
  • Level 3: Boulder
  • Level 4: Horror
  • Level 5: Horrorland

At the end of each level, there will be bosses appearing at the end, you need to focus all your last strength and fight it to win. The first is Pepperman, he is as strong as a gladiator with tremendous strength. Next, when you meet the boss Cheeseslime, you need to quickly shoot him with a gun before he shoots you. Similar to the third boss, The Noise Pizza Tower also has a very fast speed. The fourth boss has the ability to copy, he can create as many clones as the main character and confuse you. The scariest thing is still Pizza Face and Pizza Head, they can unleash a lot of enemies for you to fight.

Help the chef fight

In each level, you play you need to fight to reach the door at the end of the level. There are many enemies and difficulties waiting for you.

Defeat the enemy

Our chef guy needs to kill all the strange creatures guarding and bosses in each enemy. Don't be afraid to run fast. Use the X key to accelerate and unleash your full power. To move and skillfully avoid opponents, use the arrow keys. The Z key will help the chef jump up the steps. You can completely combine the up arrow and the Z key to jump higher. You just need to run fast and crash into the opponent and the obstacles on the way to win.

Earn coins and items

While visiting the tower, there will be gold coins and special items useful to you. You will probably find delicious pizzas. Collect them and create recipes for your pizza shop.

Rescue Toppins

In the low tower, evil enemies are also keeping the small animals named Toppins in iron cages in the tower. Let's rescue them, both will be great companions of each other. Remember the enemies around, and quickly find the exit if you don't want to be caught and lose the game.