Playtime Horror Monster Ground

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About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is an action game but in the style of hide and seek. You will play as a violent man who is looking for others to destroy them.

The game gives you a new game space when you play the role of the villain and everyone is scared to see you. They were running around and hiding somewhere in this room. Your task now is to smash all the objects and search every corner to find all the people who are hiding. You become crazier and crazier and become an out-of-control monster. But your frenzy can be stopped by the police. Be careful with them because they can control you.

Upgrade body parts

Besides the attractive action gameplay, the changes in appearance are a factor that makes you want to conquer this game even more. After earning enough gold coins you can unlock more devilish body parts like hug head, teeth, and rockstar body. Discover new shapes right now.

Game Level

The game has many levels for you to experience, each level will have changes in the number of people you have to find. Moreover, there are game levels where you will be provided with advanced weapons to destroy them all in the shortest amount of time.

Monster control

  • Use the mouse or WASD keys to move the character.