Pocket Racing

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Pocket Racing is a car control game and power up your motorbike. Avoid hitting spikes, falling off platforms, running into obstacles, or flipping and crashing.

It won't take you long to get used to the racing video game Pocket Racing because the game is very accessible and has engaging gameplay. To pass the levels you will need to utilize your driving skills. This game will give you the opportunity to participate in equally dangerous challenges. You have to make sure you keep your motorcycle under control at all times so you don't get injured on the way to your destination. As you progress through the game stages, amassing all the stars you will unlock access to other vehicles.

Start playing Pocket Racing game

To start playing, you can start the game by tapping anywhere on the screen. At first, only the first level will be playable. You can go through any of the sixty levels in any order you choose. On the level select screen, your star rating will be displayed for each individual level. At any point, you can go back and go through the levels that you've completed. Your web browser will automatically cache your progress when you play the game online. The audio controls are on the top right of the welcome screen, while the game creator info button is on the bottom left and the add game button is on the bottom right.

Some features of the game

  • Unlock 60 levels in the game.
  • Collect 3 stars in each level.
  • You don't need to collect any stars to complete a level.
  • You are free to try to achieve a higher star rating for any unlocked level at any time by replaying the level. If you previously played the game and earned 2 stars, but then come back to try to get a higher rating, you will need to earn all 3 stars the next time you play to achieve a higher rating.
  • Some segments of the game require you to pass them at full speed, while others work more efficiently if you take your time and move cautiously through them.
  • When you are in mid-air, if you accelerate, you will also turn in the direction that you are accelerating. For example, if you are driving to the right and press the right button while you are in the air, you will turn counterclockwise.
  • If you slow down while you're in the air, you'll spin in the opposite direction from where you're going. For example, if you are driving to the right and press the left navigation button while in the air, you will turn in the other direction, counterclockwise.
  • If you have to fall from one platform to another below, the bicycle wheel that hits the ground first will be slightly downward and you will need to move your body left or right to compensate for this imbalance to keep your bike stable. more determined.

Game control

  • PC: You can scroll right by using the right arrow key on your keyboard, or you can slow down scrolling by pressing the D key on your keyboard. You can scroll left using the left arrow key on your keyboard, or you can slow down your scrolling by pressing the A key on your keyboard.
  • Mobile device: To drive, use the controls displayed on the screen. To accelerate, accelerate by pressing the right button in the bottom right corner. To slow down when turning left, use the left button. To use the brake, you need to tap the left button in the bottom left corner. To step on the accelerator when driving to the left, press the right button.