Police Car Simulator

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Police Car Simulator takes you into the simulation world of police car on duty. Take on the missions and start hitting the road to catch the criminals.

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Since there are a lot of criminals on the run in the city, the game gives you a chance to get behind the wheel of a police car and experience the fascinating and difficult world of law enforcement. As a police officer, you can participate, take on a variety of tasks, patrol the streets of the city, deal with crises and obey the law. It's time to buckle up, activate the sirens and do justice.

The game offers a realistic and exciting experience of being a policeman with great visuals, accurate physics, and dynamic gameplay. Get lost in the city's criminal and legal underworld as you explore it. Are you ready to protect and help the neighborhood? Start your adventure as a law enforcement officer by jumping in your patrol car.

Take control of authentic police cars in this role-playing game, complete with lights and sirens, as you travel through a rich open-world setting. To keep peace and order, hunt down criminals, detain suspects and engage in high speed chases. Use your abilities and strategy to enforce the law on the streets and become the hero of the city.

Choose the game screen and perform the mission

Choose from four distinct levels and drive like a complete madman as you race your favorite police car through multiple ramps, turns and turns. Use your nitro for quick acceleration and do the silliest tricks in a metropolis with no traffic, vast fields, construction sites or deserted tracks. Earn points for every stunt you perform and enjoy the speed of the simulator.

What is the way to control the car in Police Car Simulator?

  • Use arrow keys / WASD to drive
  • Space = handbrake
  • G = vehicle not engaged
  • R = restart
  • E = siren