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About Pooltrouble

Pooltrouble is an exciting ball shooting game that combines strategic and competitive elements. All you do in this game is show off your billiards skills.

It is a popular pastime that has captured the attention of billiard enthusiasts around the world. This thrilling game gives players the chance to show off their basic athletic abilities while taking part in a fun and challenging environment. Pooltrouble is played on a traditional pool table with six pockets and a set of numbered marbles. The game is usually played between two players, although variations can accommodate more participants. The object of the game is to hole all of your designated balls, whether solid or striped, and eventually sink the black 8 ball to win.

Mission of the game

The ultimate mission in Pooltrouble is to demonstrate accuracy, strategy, and consistency while overwhelming your opponents. Players must carefully plan each shot, hole their designated balls while avoiding any fouls or scratches. The game requires a combination of precise cue control, shot selection and a strategic approach to ensure success.

How to play Pooltrouble game?

To start playing, the balls are usually arranged in a triangular stand at one end of the table. The clear shot is the first stroke taken by the first player, who tries to scatter the balls contained in the rack and pocket at least one. If successful, the player continues his turn and must target all the balls of their designated type (solid or striped) into the hole.

Players take turns making strokes by hitting the cue ball with the cue stick. They may choose to drop any ball on the table, but must always hit the designated ball first. The game continues as players take turns, aiming to pocket their balls until they successfully clear their entire group.

After all the balls of the player's designated type have been holed, they can attempt to sink the black 8 ball to win the game. However, the player must be cautious, as dropping the 8 ball early or committing a foul will lose immediately.

Pooltrouble requires careful calculation, strategy and a keen eye for accurate shots. Players must analyze table layouts, strategically plan their shots, and demonstrate excellent cue control in order to outmaneuver their opponents and win.


Pooltrouble offers an engaging and challenging experience for pool enthusiasts, requiring a combination of skill, precision and strategic thinking. With accessible rules and competitive gameplay, the game appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. So grab a cue, hit the chalk and dive into the thrilling world of Pooltrouble where every hit counts and victory awaits the skilled player.