Raft Wars

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About Raft Wars

Have you ever played Raft Wars, a game where you fight pirates with guns? To prevail, destroy them before they eliminate you. Compared to Tiny Fishing, FNAF Security Breach, and Cut The Rope: Time Travel, this game is more thrilling.

Meet Simon, a young boy who finds treasure on the beach is your protagonist. The boy became a pirate's prey as a result. Shoot down evil pirates with your skills! Let's assist him against the evil pirates and complete each level. There are many levels for you to conquer!

How To Play

To play this game, use YOUR MOUSE. To align the shot's angle and force, hold down the left mouse button. Your shot will be more powerful the further away from the cannon you drag the mouse.

The pirate will also shoot back at you after you shoot. Each character has a health bar at the top. The character who dies first will be eliminated.

The pirates should be shot with precise aim. However, because you cannot see the pirates while aiming, it is difficult.