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What game is REPULS?

REPULS is a great first-person shooting game that can be played online. You and your teammates will use the most advanced weapons at your disposal to fight.

If you want to succeed in REPULS, you'll need more than just aiming for excellence to reach the top of the leaderboards. When engaging in combat, it is essential to pay attention not only to the weapon you use but also your opponent's weapon. A clever player armed with a shotgun can outwit a fool armed with a rocket launcher if the sharp player is smarter than the fool.

In a conflict between experienced veterans and inexperienced amateurs, the ability to read a map can be a key factor in helping either side win. If you use certain weapons in the right places in the environment, you will be able to gain control of the game. When it comes to performance at close range, shotguns are much better than sniper rifles, despite the fact that it is completely ineffective at longer ranges. In addition, the battlefield is filled with many different types of weapons and powers in many different locations.

Weapons and protection

Your weapon will maintain accuracy no matter how you move around the environment. You should make dashing, strafing and bunny-hopping to the finish line your top priority so you can maximize your chances of winning. On the battlefield, each weapon performs a unique role for its owner and serves a specific purpose. If you try to use the wrong weapon at the wrong time, you will be eliminated from the fight.

If you find yourself in the middle of battle with no ammo left, you can try switching to your secondary weapon by pressing the [2] button. The popular Call of Duty video game is largely responsible for popularizing this tactic by stating that "Switching to your Pistol can be faster than reloading". The vast majority of players are eliminated from competition when they cannot fire their weapons due to lack of ammunition.

Smaller guns have less firepower than larger guns, but switching to them is easier and they can potentially save your life in a dangerous situation.

Also remember that if an enemy gets too close to you, you have the opportunity to attack them with your weapon by pressing the [Q] button on the controller.

Just press button [2], you will be able to use your device. In addition to using devices such as portable jumping pads and explosives such as frag grenades, there are many other types of devices.


Gates, explosive devices, and gravity elevators are some examples of the types of interactable elements that can be found on various maps. You may be able to change the course of the conflict if you succeed in identifying these resources and know how to use them.

Game mechanics and gameplay

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Make modifications to your weapon = 1
  • Grenade usage = 2
  • Reload = Rs
  • The right mouse button is used to adjust the aim of the rifle.
  • The first blow in the melee comes from Q.
  • To jump, use the spacebar on your keyboard.
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