Rescue Rangers

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Journey in the temple

Rescue Rangers is a 2 player game for you and your friends. Both of our characters are lost in a strange labyrinthine temple. Let's work together and escape.

The Story

Our two characters, one blue and one red, discreetly like ninjas are on a journey to a strange temple. This is an ancient temple with many treasures. Both are very excited and are trapped by Rescue Rangers. This journey will take place next with you and your friends. Both will continue this journey, discovering treasures and finding doors to pass the level.

Strange things in the temple

Because they are an ancient temple, they will have a treasure of diamonds and dangerous traps for those who want to steal the treasure. The undulating spikes keep you and your friends unnoticed and trapped. It will also distract you and your friends with blocked walls. So the two must find the open switch to continue the journey. Along the way, both of you will have to work together. If either one gets stuck or hits an obstacle, both will have to play again. The level is counted as passing and is rated three stars when both must reach the finish line and stand in the right position at the two doors in the shortest amount of time. One strange thing you need to notice is that the blue character will collect blue diamonds, and the red character will only be able to collect red diamonds.

How to control the character in the temple

1 player

  • Move: arrow keys
  • Change characters: space (one player but you still need to control both characters to the finish line)

2 players

  • Player 1: ASDW
  • Player 2: arrow keys