Run Run Duck

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About Run Run Duck

Let's play the Run Run Duck game and transform into a cute duck and embark on exciting journeys. Jump to avoid purple monsters and try to reach the finish line quickly are your goals.


In this game, we will take control of a small duck and attempt to run as quickly as possible to the finish line. There are a lot of purple monsters on the road. Jump as high as you can to get away from them, or jump on their heads to get rid of them.

Gift boxes contain numerous power-ups. These power-ups will protect you in the event that you hit something. However, their effects will vanish as soon as you encounter the obstacles.

Your character can be controlled with the ARROW KEYS.

Complete all 8 levels by sprinting to the finish line. The higher the level, the more dangers there are. In addition, Slope Soccer, FNAF Security Breach, and Top Shootout: The Saloon can help you have more fun after finishing the game's adventure.