Save the Doge

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Embark on a dog rescue mission in the game Save the Doge

Save the Doge is a fascinating adventure game. Rescue your dog from the attacks of bees, you are ready to take on the challenge through many levels.

Welcome to the exciting world of 'Save the Doge'! Get ready to immerse yourself in an engaging adventure where your quick reflexes and strategic thinking will be tested. In this game, your mission is to rescue the lovely dog trapped in various challenging situations. As you move through different levels filled with obstacles and puzzles, your goal is to ensure these lovable companions are safely reunited with their owners.

Explore gameplay mechanics

The gameplay of Save the Doge is a unique combination of action and puzzle solving. Your character starts each level equipped with tools to overcome obstacles and interact with the environment. To successfully rescue a trapped dog, you must use the right combination of skill and timing.

Move through dangerous environments

The journey to rescue the dog will take you through many different environments, each with its own challenges. From bustling city streets to dangerous forests and even dangerous construction sites, you'll need to guide your character correctly. Use intuitive controls to avoid obstacles, jump over hurdles and move through tight spaces to reach trapped dominions.

Use tools and increase power

Throughout the game, you will encounter a variety of tools and powers that can assist you in your quest. These range from trampolines for climbing high platforms to ladders for accessing new areas. In addition, you will find powerups that give temporary invincibility, speed boost, or even the ability to overcome obstacles. Using these items strategically could be the key to rescuing dojos in hard-to-reach places.

As you progress through the levels, the puzzles become more complex, requiring a combination of smart thinking and quick reflexes. The game's dynamic mechanics ensure that no two levels are alike, keeping you engaged and challenged throughout your rescue adventure.


You can use your mouse.

Remember, your dog's safety depends on your skill and determination. Can you overcome the obstacles and successfully save the Doge?